I am often asked, "What should we wear to our session?" So I have created a style guide for all of my clients! These are small tips that you can choose to follow, or not! Whether you booked a family shoot, couples shoot, or newborn shoot, this guide will help you choose cohesive outfits for the best possible photos.


there are so many "yes!" choices but here are my top 3 suggestions

  • When in doubt, wear solids or neutrals! Neutrals promise a timeless look that never gets old.
  • Have one person wear a pattern to add interest. Pick a color or pattern you love and coordinate from there!!
  • Wear clothes that fit! Loose, baggy clothing can photograph unflattering. My suggestion is to alway "dress up" just a little bit more!

Neutrals, fitted clothes, and white on a bride-to-be!


avoiding these simple things can make or break your session

  • Avoid matching completely. Choose colors that complement each other- like the image to the left!
  • Avoid large logos and neon colors. Too many competing colors or patterns can distract and take our focus away from what's important- YOU!
  • Avoid athletic shoes or dressing "too casual", like you are going to Applebees.

Bold, matching colors; button ups; hats & heels look amazing!

For the ladies

  • Wear something you feel comfortable in. A maxi dress, flowy dress, jeans or a cute top!

for the men

  • Dress up! Wear slacks, dark jeans, button ups, solid t-shirts.

for the kiddos

  • Dress them comfortably for the weather- a too hot or too cold kiddo isn't fun for anyone!

Still stuck on what to wear?

please reach out!

A floral maxi dress with complementing colors!