Let's be honest

When it comes to football playoffs, most guys wouldn't miss it for the world, especially when it's one of their favorite teams. So when Kendall & Adam showed up for their engagement session in the midst of NFL playoffs, & Adam didn't complain for one second, I just knew it was going to be a great session.

First of all, they are an absolutely stunning couple. But they are also the sweetest humans! Hearing their story- tinder success story!- was so fun, & also their plans for a Hawaii wedding this coming summer! I love getting to know my couples love stories and starting our time together hearing about it.

It was the first sunny day in Austin in weeks, so when we got to Zilker Park, we weren't exactly shocked with how crowded it was. There were cars and people everywhere! So we called an audible, headed to Butler Park down the street, and we ended up having the best time adventuring around the park. Once sunset hit, we headed to Lou Neff Point & let me tell ya, it was gorgeous. Perfect cotton candy colored remnants of the sunset made for the most beautiful reflection over lady bird lake. We ended the evening with popping some champagne!

The best part? When Adam told Kendall, "this was actually pretty fun" at the end of the session, when he could have been watching football all afternoon. Don't worry, they headed to a bar shortly after to watch the second playoff game!