it's a small, small world

I like to think of engagement sessions as the ultimate date to prepare you for your wedding day. You get to flirt in front of a camera, dance to whatever music you want, and capture yourself doing some of your favorite things. It's always an honor to be let in to those little moments that make a couple unique, and I was so excited to get the know this couple.

Serena found me on Yelp (wow, who knew that worked) and reached out to book. Once we booked, she filled out my inquiry, telling me about her and her fiance and lo and behold I recognized the name- her fiance went to college with me in California- which was a super small school so we all knew each other pretty well! Not only that, we worked on summer staff at Hume Lake in Sequoia National Park for 3 years. I was so shocked and excited to be photographing an old friend I hadn't seen in years, and meeting his fiance! Talk about a small world.

Hearing their story was so fun- Ryan was a missionary kid in Costa Rica, and they met when Serena took a missions trip down there in high school. They slowly began to talk and keep in touch until Ryan did the ~dreaded~ Joshua Discipleship Program where he then broke things off with her. They didn't talk for SEVEN years. Seven Y E A R S!!! and then Ryan finally reached out, they got to talkin', went on a date, he followed her to Austin, and now they are engaged. So freakin' cute.

We had so much fun photographing downtown in Butler Park and my favorite view- the Pedestrian Bridge. It was a rare overcast freezing day, but that didn't stop us. Serena is a GEM, so sweet and beautiful, and I couldn't imagine anyone better for an old friend.