Expecting baby #2 is a WHOLE lot different than expecting baby #1.

I truly tell people that I feel like I didn't have time to prep and prepare like I did with my first son. Which makes total sense as my priority is spending time with him! He keeps me busy!

So, here are

5 things I did to prepare for my second baby in the third trimester

  1. PREPPED OUR NEWBORN'S CARSEAT & BASSINET I washed my infant carseat, swing and our bassinet. Maybe it's just me, but I never took apart the carseat to wash it with Tate. It's quite the hassle and I'm so glad I did. It even encouraged me to wash my toddler's current carseat (hello, old goldfish!) and clean out my car! The nesting was very real that day.
  2. PREPPED BABY ITEMS Now, we aren't doing a nursery right away for this baby, so I didn't spend any energy on prepping and planning a nursery. Instead, I prioritized the things I know we will need right away. I went through my son's old newborn and 0-3 month clothing and washed, folded and prepped them, ordered bassinet sheets, and emptied a drawer in our dresser to fill with these items. I also made lactation cookies to freeze so that I can have midnight snacks while I'm feeding baby boy!
  3. PRE-REGISTERED AT MY HOSPITAL AND CALLED MY INSURANCE My OBGYN makes this process very simple- they have a QR code to scan to pre-register yourself for delivery. This helps making the arrival at the hospital easier so you aren't filling out tons of paperwork while you're in labor. I also called my insurance to find out any info I may need regarding hospitalization, cost, etc.
  4. PAMPERED MYSELF Yes, you heard that right. Who knows the next time I will have a few hours to myself when I have a 2 year old and a newborn!? So, I got my hair done, a prenatal massage, and a pedicure because we all know its impossible to reach our toes at the end of pregnancy. I also began weekly chiropractor appointments to help manage my back and hip pain near the end of pregnancy! The chiropractor has helped me immensely with both pregnancies- I highly recommend going if you are super uncomfortable or are chasing a toddler around daily!
  5. ORDERED MY BREAST PUMP AND PARTS Did you know that every mom qualifies for a free breast pump in pregnancy?! I used the website Aeroflow Breastpumps to order my breast pump- you can also upgrade and pay a smaller fee to get the pump you really want. I still had my old pump, which I will definitely use, but this way I was able to get new replacement parts. I didn't know you are supposed to replace your pump parts every few months (or more, if you're exclusively pumping) but I found out some insurances cover new pump parts frequently! It's definitely worth looking in to if you plan to pump or breastfeed.