3 reasons to book a newborn session

I. The newborn time flies by

It's no secret pregnancy can drag on, but the newborn stage absolutely flies by. With every new milestone, a mom wishes "please stop growing up!" and it starts the minute they are born. That newborn time is so precious and every day they are changing.

II. They'll never be this little again

You'll spend all day starting at your adorable, squishy, sleepy, so so tiny new baby. But between the feeds and naps and night time wake ups, next thing you know they aren't newborns anymore but full blown infants! You'll look back at photos and think "How was that tiny newborn my baby!?" Capturing these small details helps you remember them.

III. It's a time you'll want to remember

I know the newborn phase seems like its full on survival mode, but it's also full of so many sweet moments and memories. Spending a morning capturing those moments of holding your newborn, smiling at your spouse through sleepy eyes, feeling like "we did it! we are parents!" will give you an appreciation of who you were and what you went through to step into your new role.