Top Mom and Newborn Poses for Lifestyle Sessions in your home

My goal as your newborn photographer is to make you as a new mom feel beautiful, while also capturing the connection you have with your baby! I aim to capture a full gallery of sweet, intimate moments while also making sure there is variety. I always say it's your job to love on your baby, and my job to make sure I guide you into natural moments to photograph them!

For photographers: Here are a few of my favorite poses to do with mom and baby. It's important to remember that you won't get every pose in every session. Every gallery will look a little different based on lighting, baby's temperament, and parents' comfortability with holding their new baby. It's also important to remember to keep baby safe in each pose. (I highly recommend a newborn safety course if you haven't already taken one!)


This is such a sweet, simple pose to do with mom and baby. You can do this on the bed, in the nursery, in the rocking chair. Have mom bring baby up to her nose and smile down.

tip: Make sure mom's hair isn't falling in her face or the baby's face!

Baby on mom's chest

Have mom place baby on her chest as if she is going to burp him. Make sure she is supporting baby's bum and neck with her hands. Baby can be directly on the chest or slightly up on her shoulder.

tip: It's important to bring baby's face facing the camera in this pose. You as the photographer may need to turn baby's head since mom will be holding and supporting him.

Mom holding baby in the nursery

You can get such a variety of poses with this pose alone! Mom can be standing, sitting on the ground, leaning against the crib, or sitting in her rocker. I love to stand slightly outside the door to create a distance. This is a good chance to show case the nursery as well.

tip: Have dad hop in to a few of these as well to get those poses at the same time!

Mom kissing baby

Let's be honest, moms love kissing their newborns. As they should! It's a hormonal, beautiful, natural thing for mom's to kiss their baby and helps with baby's immunity. Instruct mom to bring baby up to her face and kiss baby on the cheek, or near baby's ear on the side furthest from the camera. You want to make sure you see baby's face when she's kissing him!

tip: ask mom to give multiple kisses in a row- this will create a smile like effect in her kiss!