Finding a newborn photographer near you

We've all found ourselves looking all over the internet in search of the perfect photographer. For wedding photos, family photos, newborn photos- where do you even start? I'm here to share my two top ways to find the perfect newborn photographer for you. (this tip works with finding any type of photographer!!)

  1. INSTAGRAM- Most photographers use instagram to grow their business and share their work! To find a photographer on instagram, I would suggest your "city name + newbornphotographer". For example, I live in Austin, Texas so the best way to find a newborn photographer near me would be "#AustinNewbornPhotographer" on instagram. This is one of the number one ways to find a photographer who specializes in the type of photography you are looking for, and allows you the chance to see their work, interact with their posts, ask questions, and follow along!
  2. The second is word of mouth- ask your friends! The benefit to this is you can ask about their experience- how was working with their photographer? How was their communication, their turn around time, the quality of the images? First hand experience is invaluable and I promise if your friends have a great experience, you likely will too!

There are so many other ways- google, mom groups, yelp, facebook ads- but I think these two ways lead to consistently good results in client/photographer relationships!

Are you looking for a newborn photographer?