how to prep for your in-home newborn session

as a new mom, you have so much on your plate. you've just met your baby and are bonding and nurturing that relationship, you are navigating a new and sleepless season of life with your partner, and your body has just been through a marathon. Now throw a photoshoot that you deeply want but aren't sure how to prep for on top of that- this is for you!

I am sharing my top 4 tips to prep yourself and your home for your in-home newborn session!

  1. PLANNING YOUR OUTFITS: This is perhaps the only thing you need to start planning a few weeks ahead of time. Mom's, this is especially important for you. My #1 piece of advice is to pick something out for yourself FIRST; and the rest of the family (including baby!) is to follow. While I do send you an in depth styling guide at booking that covers this in detail, I can't emphasize your comfort enough. Picking an outfit you feel comfortable in is vital, whether it's a dress, jumpsuit or jeans. And while my top suggestion is usually a maxi dress because 1-they are forgiving and 2-you don't have to worry about shaving your legs or how to cross your legs (haha), if you feel more comfortable in a jumpsuit or jeans and a nice top- wear that! And coordinate your family's outfits from there. All of my clients receive a style guide upon booking and I'm always one email away when helping plan!
  2. OPEN THE BLINDS: My #1 tip for photographers and clients alike is to use all natural light if possible when shooting in-home. This means open up those blinds and turn off the lights in your home. (Why? Overhead lights cast shadows onto skin and create an orange-y look to your skin tone!) But, wait, how do you know what rooms have the best light? Every house is different, with different lighting, decor, etc. I highly recommend hopping on a Facetime call with your photographer and giving them a virtual phone tour of your home. That way they can give tips on where may have the best natural light, so on the day of the session, it will make prepping the rooms and tip #3 easier!
  3. DECLUTTER: Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a perfect home for an in-home session. Don't worry about cleaning top to bottom. Seriously, don't worry about it. I'm a mom too and the last thing I wanted to do at 1-2 weeks postpartum was deep clean my home! So my advice is this, which my husband would hate, but take whatever clutter there is (laundry, chargers, bags, etc) and throw it into a closet or room that is dark (which we won't be using because we want the best light!) and leave it in there. Have dishes to do? Throw them in the sink or in the dishwasher. If it's out of the way, it won't be in the background of the photos. And your husband can clean and organize it all on a different day because you just birthed a baby!
  4. MAKE SURE BABY IS FED: This last tip is easy- I recommend feeding and changing baby just before the start of your session. That way baby is happy, belly is full, and he or she will likely fall asleep during your session for those sweet sleepy newborn photos!

I hope these tips help relieve some stress and help you prep for your session a little better!