this was a jaw-dropping newborn session.

Not only because Mel and Sean looked like they stepped off the cover of a Boho magazine or into the Mama Mia love story, but because of how much love was so evident between the two of them for each other, and for their new baby boy Sky. Their energy was palpable and contagious and I left the session happier meeting the three of them.

I don't usually hear the backstory of every couple, but when Mel reached out, I was pulled into her story. She had baby Sky unexpectedly at 30 weeks. He was still in the NICU when she reached out, so I followed along as he grew stronger. Mel is also a relationship coach and podcaster who has appeared in Forbes magazine, as well a published author. She and Sean met and fell in love quickly in Costa Rica- she is from the UK and he was living in California, which Mel talks about on her instagram. They moved to Austin to start family life, and despite Sky coming into this world unexpectedly early, Mel described him as coming "right on time".

Throughout their session, Mel was the most attentive mother, praising Sky for every little movement. And Sean was the most devoted father and fiancé, making sure Mel had everything she needed, in awe of his new role as a dad. Capturing these blissful, sleepless, raw, emotional parenthood moments in my favorite part of my job.