Tate (no, he's not named after Yellowstone)

2021 was a great year for our family. it came with new jobs, new friends, and a brand new addition to our family! I can't believe it's been 5 months since we welcomed Tate. He is developing such a fun personality. He loves his dad's beard, hates being put down for naps, and sticks everything in his mouth. He giggles at himself in the mirror, loves to cuddle, is currently teething (send help) and is the perfect mix of mom and dad.

We kicked off 2022 at home, with Tate sleeping upstairs, while we watched Yellowstone on the couch. Yes, the irony isn't lost on me that one of the main character's name is Kayce and his son's name is Tate! We didn't start watching the show until a month ago, and we were mindblown when we discovered this. What can we say, it's a great name.

I totally get why mom's are obsessed with their babies. I am now one of those mothers. Maybe I'll make this a monthly thing because I absolutely love these photos of my little chunk. So feel free to enjoy this fun little shoot I had with Tater, who knows how long he will let me take photos of him for?!