Let's dive into the difference between mini sessions and regular full sessions!

Every year, you probably see photographer's advertising mini sessions when the holidays come around. One of my number one questions I get is- Should I book a mini session or a regular session? This post is to help you find answers to that question!


Mini sessions are offered on specific dates at specific times at a specific location chosen by the photographer. Some photographers offer mini sessions with multiple dates throughout the year, while others host them sparingly with one or two dates, usually around holidays. If you have a specific date or location that you would like to choose, or a specific style of session, a regular session that the photographer offer or can customize for you is your best choice.


Another huge difference is the price tag. Mini sessions are generally half the price of a photographer's regularly price session. I find that most families use mini sessions as a quick, budget friendly way to update family portraits. I love using mini sessions as an affordable way to check out a new photographer to see if they are someone you mesh with and want to use in the future!


One main difference is the length and pace of mini sessions- they are generally 10-15 minutes long. Photographers offer mini sessions back-to-back to their clients, meaning there will be someone's session right after yours. This means your session will be fast paced and your photographer will be moving quickly to capture all of the variety of poses they need for your gallery. If you are looking for a customized lifestyle session with a more laid back feel, mini sessions may not be the right choice for you as the fast paced leans towards a more portrait style approach.

Additionally, you know your kids' personality best. Fast attention spans sometimes fit best with a mini session as they are so quick, there is no time for boredom! However, if you have little ones who are shy and take a while to open up, or multiple children who just thinking about getting them to stand in one place stresses you out (we've all been there, mama!) a regular session may be the way to go to help them feel comfortable with your photographer.


Mini sessions offer a certain number of digital images to select in your gallery, with the option to purchase more images. They generally do not include prints, full galleries, client wardrobe advice, session planning, etc. If you are looking for a full gallery with more candid images and a large variety of images, regular sessions will fit your needs!



1) Larger families or families of multiple young kids

who may not cooperate in a shorter time frame

2) Families with shyer kids who need time warming up to the photographer

3)Those who prefer a large gallery of included images

4) Families looking for a more laid back, lifestyle approach to their photos

5) Families who want a more customized photo experience or specific session


1) Quickly updating portraits on a budget, perfect for Christmas cards or a photo gift for families

2) Families who are okay with a past faced photo session

3) Those who want a limited number of image inluded

4) Those who prefer a portrait gallery verses a lifestyle, candid gallery

5) Those looking to try out a photographer they've been eyeing!

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